Eric Copeland

Eric Copeland returns with a new full-length that continues to mine a weirdo beats & broken radio aesthetic that has come to be his trademark of sorts. the album comes after releasing a couple singles on PPM that began to showcase a new direction for the artist. Waco Taco Combo sees Copeland to tredding away from the overtly pop sensibilities of the last two singles more closely resembling. Whereas the Puerto Rican & Doo Doo Run 7"s contained short blasts of psych-pop grooves, complete with melodies and all, Waco Taco has Copeland digging into more beat driven arrangements. At times the album more closely resembles his work with Black Dice, for which he became known, though always veers back towards his own unique & identifiable sound. The album is released by Denmark based label Escho, in an edition of 500.

PPM has also announced a new 7" by Copeland titled Whorehouse Blues. The single contains three new tracks that, according to the press release, follow in a similar vein as the weirdo pop of Puerto Rican 7". You can check the video Black Dice made for Copeland's Fun Dink Death below. What a busy dude!