MiCHAEL TARBOX - My Primitive Joy

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Michael Tarbox is best known for his band The Tarbox Ramblers, a seriously tough and dextrous roots/blues outfit from Massachusetts, but for his first solo album titled My Primitive Joy, recorded at Nashville's Fry Pharmacy studio, Tarbox has moved towards a more introspective, somewhat blues infused folk/baroque pop-infected sound that reminds me a bit of perhaps a rootsier Fred Neil, or the new work of Chris Cotton, while still retaining a good amount of the Tarbox Ramblers darkness. It's a lovely, poetic, and personal album that I think you'll treasure. 
Go download it for a paltry $7 at Bandcamp.

I hesitate to post these videos because the recording quality does not do the album true justice. But with that in mind, here's a taste: