Going back thru some files I came across a couple images that Chris Johnson had sent me ages ago of some Black Keys-related art work. I asked Chris to remind of the story behind this work:

Back in 2005, The Black Keys put that lawnmower painting on their website as the home page. I searched out the gallery that had it for sale, but it was already sold. I contacted the artist and we worked out a commission piece. Justin Degarmo lives in Phoenix, and I met him there on a trip and picked up my original (the van):

Here’s his website.

Here’s the illustration of the lawnmower on his website

I also purchased another piece he had for sale in a charity auction. A lunchbox he painted. His isn’t the one I purchased, but similar.

Another website with more of his work.

Justin did the 2007 original deep blues logo with the guitar player. I have it on display the bbq.