NOVELLER "ALONE STAR" from Matt Kleiner

To go along with the upcoming show at Shea Stadium, Noveller has just released her newest album Glacial Glow on Weird Forest. I remember recently reading a press statement discussing her "poetic guitar prose" & that may very well be dead on. As the video demonstrates Lipstate has managed to create expressive narratives within her work that seems to often be grouped with many modern guitar-drone musics. Such a comparison may at first seem obvious but the association may be flimsy at best as Glacial Glow extends Noveller's use of the guitar towards a unique aesthetic sensibility all her own.

"Alone Star" (posted above) is the lead track off of this new album. The composition expresses the expansive & ever so dramatic guitar compositions Sarah Lipstate has become known for. The video directed by Matt Kleiner provides a sleak & beautiful visual montage of time-lapsed movements throughout a city, the result captures Noveller's work wonderfully.