Since about 2008 Haley Fohr has been steadily releasing a stream of albums under the moniker Circuit Des Yeux on such notable labels as Night People & De Stijl. Her embrace of downer neo-folk & youth, I believe she's 21 or 22, seems to lead minds to wander to the wider field of young gothic women cropping up as of late, the most notable person being Zola Jesus. But Fohr seems content on exploring a more acoustic edge of the spectrum thus far as demonstrated in the video above for "3311" from her upcoming album Portrait.

Portrait is her 3rd full length LP for De Stijl, something quite impressive for anyone let alone of Fohr's age. The press release informs us that it is "Seemingly inspired by something or someone that has pierced her young, little heart". creating an album that is as much about cathartic release as intimate sonic journey.