Again, I'm drawn towards some present day devotees of the motorick-kosmiche sound. This isn't so surprising as the sound & scene's associated with Germany circa the the 1970's & 80's have become canonical in the contemporary electronic underground. Forma seem to take all of this as their starting point. The sound of Harmonia & Cluster pulses through their work in way that functions more than mere facsimile. The trio of Mark Dwinnel, Sophie Lam, & George Bennet use their Kraut-forefathers as a taking off point, guiding the group to new sonic terrain.

Forma have been displaying their analog skills most recently on their S/T debut LP Spectrum Spools. The album was released through Spectrum Spools, a new label created by Editions Mego. A band that is perfect for those looking for a cosmic trip into contemporary synthesis, or on a smokey roadtrip.