Wet Hair have announced a new full-length to be released by Chicago's De Stijl records. In Vogue Spirit sees the duo expanding their sound, as well as their line up. Now, with bass player in tow, the trio really hones into a similar territory Suicide took during the 80's.

"Echo Lady", the LP's single, is a propulsive tune that shares resemblance to quite a few kraut rock groups. The song structure has been streamlined towards a more general pop sensibility, while the fidelity the same. While the video seems to be set in some psychedelic desert paradise. The album will be released May 6th and might even good beer drinking music come summer now that I think of it.

Wet Hair will be on tour you can check him at the dates below.

While above you'll find a fantastic video by Michael Yonkers for the track "Cold Dance." There is no part of this video I do not love. It mixes a serious cold wave track that I wouldn't be surprised to be done by more contemporary acts such as S.S.P.S or anything happening over at Weird records. I'd also like to point out that I probably look a lot like this dancing to this track myself. So does that mean I'm biased towards liking this then?

MARCH 2011
MONDAY the 28th- Ypsilanti MI- House Show 317 S. Grove St. w/ Winter Ruby, Full Frontal, Daytime Television
TUESDAY the 29th- Toronto ON- The Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. w/ Simon Frank + the Deeep DJ Set.

APRIL 2011
FRIDAY the 1st- Montreal Quebec- Partly Excavated exhibition with Seripop at ARPRIM 372 Sainte- Catherine O. #426 (art opening to musical performance)
SATURDAY the 2nd- North Hampton MA- Feeding Tube Records 90 King St. w/ Sore Eros and Blanche Blanche Blanche
SUNDAY the 3rd- Brooklyn NY- Monster Island Basement 128 River St. (Williamsburg) w/ Silk Flowers, Dog Leather (Sewn Leather + DJ Dog Dick), Drip House, Coconuts
WEDNESDAY the 6th- Cleveland OH- the Happy Dog 5801 Detroit Ave. w/ The Twerps, Puffy Areolas
THURSDAY the 7th- Chicago IL- Crown Tap Room 2821 N. Milwaukee Ave. w/ The Twerps, Tyler Jon Tyler
FRIDAY the 8th- Minneapolis MN- the Medusa w/ The Twerps, Food Pyramid