THE BARNBURNERS - The Rawboogie Ep Liner Notes

This cover is different from the one I have.
      So yeah, Dan Auerbach used to have a tightly wicked and raw boogiefied three-piece back around 2001 called The Barnburners. The put out a terrific disc called The Raw Boogie Ep. Even got a cease and desist over the band name from some olde school rock farts (and where are those dudes today?)
     Dan and I got to be acquainted via a Yahoo group called Too Bad Jim (which still lives but due to over-spamulation was moved and the name changed to Real Punk Blues). 
      Back in the olden days I had a website called Rick Saunders World, and part of that world was an early version of this Deep Blues page (which still lives as a ghost thanks to  Dan had a cool website called Raw Boogie, where he posted Barnburners info etc (that page also lives on in ghost form thanks to  
     So blahblahblahdeblah, Dan suggested that he liked what I scrawled on my Deep Blues page and asked me to write some liner notes for his bands Ep. I thought his band was frkn great and I was delighted and honored to do it. The band was happy with my spiel and that was that. Next thing ya know and a gazillion gigs and a Grammy later, Dan's a household name. Couldn't have happened to a better dude.
      A couple of friends wanted to read what I wrote about The Barnburners so many super moons ago. You'll find a scan of the cover and the notes below. Dan doesn't want the Ep spread around, and I can respect that. If you look hard enough you might find it lodged in one of the interwebs tubes somewheres. Snag it if you can find it. You'll be glad you did. I think it's kind of cool that what I wrote about Dan ten years ago still holds true today.

Interesting note: I saw the Ep mentioned on a blog recently and it listed the following tracks: Back to Georgia, Big Road Blues, Things I Used To Do, Train I Ride, Meet Me In The City, and Take Five. 
My copy has Train I Ride, Back to Georgia, Big Road Blues, Your Cheating Heart, Last Fair Deal, and Meet Me In The City but not Things I used to Do or Take Five.

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