For those interested Ben Vida will be at Issue Project Room Thursday March, 16th performing his composition Piece for Difference Tones (interrupted) & (computer controlled) Analog Sound Objects, and for those who are not you should be. Vida has been an established figure in the music world for some time in Town & Country & his more recent Bird Show, while he is also a frequent collaborator, as some may remember his work with Soft Circle, who happened to play our awesome Silk Flowers Record Release Party.

The concert is on behalf of Issue Project's Emerging Artists Commissions, which as you may have guessed Vida is the fortunate recipient of. The press release for the event states that:

the new work focuses on the intersections between analog and digital sound synthesis systems. These systems produce what Vida calls "non-representational sound objects," which are generated in the inner ear rather than from an outside source. It is in these moments, when the inner ear-activating difference tones are punctured by analog exclamations, that a deeper spatialization is revealed and the listener's aural perception is expanded

01 First Time by Soft Circle

Issue Project Room
Thursday March, 17th 8pm
Emerging Artists Commission: Ben Vida - Piece for Difference Tones (interrupted) & (computer controlled) Analog Sound Objects (interupted)