A blast from the eighties...

Was sent this youtube link by my good buddy Peter Bigg 'tother day, who commissioned me for one of my earliest music to picture jobs for The British Television Advertising Awards.

The production became a pretty collaborative process with motion control guru and director Peter Truckel of The Moving Picture Company. Unusually, no final visual element was completed before the initial music track was recorded and therefore I only had the storyboard for inspiration. All the spot sound effects, all created by synths, were then overdubbed as each piece of video was sent over. When I submitted my very first rough demo tape Peter T immediately gave my creative masterpiece the glamorous title of G-Dung!

I can still pretty much identify every instrument used including:

  • Fostex B16 track analogue tape machine
  • Soundtracs 16-8-16 mixing desk
  • Revox B77 half track tape machine (still have - serviced)
  • Yamaha CS-80 Synth (still have - mostly working)
  • Yamaha DX7 Synth (version 1) (still have - broken)
  • Yamaha RX11 drum machine (might still have!)
  • Roland SH-101 Mono Synth
  • Moog Multimoog (still have - broken)
  • Some BanksyBoy vocals! (yep, still have!)
  • Cubase on an Atari ST
  • Great British Spring reverb (still have - condition unknown!)
  • Some cheap and cheerful delay unit
  • Klark Teknik active monitors (still have - one broken)

  • Yamaha NS10 monitors

  • Auratones

It could actually be a bit of a showreel for 80s synth sounds, especially the DX7 brass! The filming and effects took absolutely ages to complete and, at the time, was all very cutting edge stuff...