Good Lord! Some men don't quit.
I swear in the end times it's gonna be Cher, cockroaches and T-Model Ford, who survive us all.  Mr. Ford, age allegedly somewheres in the nineties, has just released his eighth album. It's called Taledragger. This is his second album made with the punkass blues triumvirate Gravelroad, his back-up band of young (compared to T-Model) Seattle dudes. Verdict? It's a monster, baby. Heavy, grinding, weird and thick,  Taledragger features the raw Greenville, Mississippi primal simplicity we expect but it's inverted, expanded, and exploded into a shiny new swamp beast...like some kind of T-Mo-Zilla. Production is huge on this release. Something that was hinted at on last years The Ladies Man but it's fully realized this time around, as if they just decided "Fuck it. Let's blow this thing up and wreck some speakers and take out some minds, too!" It's thoroughly post-modern primitive and pure beautiful. Get it. Blast it.

Super Special unreleased live track from Long Beach,CA 2010 - Hip-Shakin' Woman - mp3

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