We're a little late on this one but it seems that Gary War and Taylor Richardson (Infinity Window, Purple Haze) have teamed up to launch there own label Fixed Identity. The two plan on seeing the label play host to "next-level psychedelic achievements of the preesn, past and future." Something not far off from what each have been pursuing throughout their own careers thus far.

The freshly implemented label have two releases announced thus far. The first being the recent reissue of Martin Newell's wacked out psych pop burner "Songs For A Fallow" which saw release this past February. The LP brings a unique take on the whole self-recording style, while at the same time retaining a similar vibe to luminaries such as Gary War (makes sense), Ariel Pink, & Outer Limits Recordings to name a few.

Also after a little false start the label is getting set to release their 2nd title. The release will also be composed of archival recordings this time by way of The Prefab Messiahs & titled Peace, Love and Alienation. FI have also announced some cassettes from the likes of Amen Dunes, Gary War, & The Gamecock. Exciting times for left-field pop lovers.