Just learned about these dudes from an interview with the mighty James Leg, who said, 

"Cut in the Hill Gang. Do you know that band? They’re from Cincinnati. It’s Johnnie Walker from the Soledad Brothers, Reuben Glaser, who was the frontman of Pearlene, Lance Kaufman, who’s the frontman of this rockabilly band called StarDevils, and then myself. So it was four frontmen, and… when the Soledad Brothers split up, Brian Olive did his own thing, and Johnnie Walker started Cut in the Hill Gang. He’s a doctor of medicine now, so it’s kind of a hobby for him. But anyway, we got four frontmen together, we made a record, it’s on Glitterhouse Records. Specifically, Stag-O-Lee Records, which is to Glitterhouse as Alive is to Bomp. Glitterhouse is the biggest label in, I think maybe Europe, but definitely Germany. So, we made a record called Mean Black Cat in August, and it’s a fucking amazing record. Check it out, Mean Black Cat, Cut in the Hill Gang. And it’s a shame because it’s only in Europe, and nobody in America is going to fucking hear it. Because they don’t have distribution over here, and it’s available online, but nobody’s going to hear it.
An Ohio-based band, I need to hear that!
I know. It’s a Cincinnati-based band. And there’s been some talk, like, Jack at Third Man was interested in it, and there’s been some talk about maybe licensing it over here. But nobody in that band – everybody’s go their own thing going on, so nobody’s really motivated, and it’s a shame because it’s a great record. Glitterhouse commissioned us to do this covers record, basically. They wanted blues-punk covers in our version. So there’s a Hound Dog Taylor song into an MC5 song, there’s a John Lee Hooker song. It’s all raw as hell. It’s a good record."