Spectre Folk - Please Come Home | Video Feature

Over the years Spectre Folk has mutated and matured into one of the finest dare I say "all star" groups in recent memory. Pete Nolan and company, usually ranging from Pete Meehan, Steve Shelley, Aaron Mullen, & Mark Ibold among others inhabit some sacred space left behind from the glory days of classic slacker / stoner rock. The group has become a smoke covered beast compared to it's earlier days as the more hermetic solo venture of Nolan (though it was equally shrouded in a cloud of herbal smoke). 

The video for "Please Come Home", taken from Spectre Folk's latest full-length The Ancient Storm, show the band in their element so to speak. It combines a mixture of live video from the band and shots from the open road. Spectre Folk are in fine form in the recording which tightens up their loose folk-rock aesthetic. I must also note that the video was recorded at one of my favorite DIY venues in Brooklyn, NY Big Snow. It all plays out like some whacked out home movie that fits the vibe perfectly. 

Spectre Folk's album The Ancient Storm is available now via Vampire Blues Records