Silent Servant - A Path Eternal | Video Feature

Noise is knocking on the doors of techno and techno is just knocking back. There has been a good bit written and discussed recently about musicians operating in the noise and drone underground making forays into a more dance friendly or at least groove oriented music. It is as if suddenly the sounds of minimal techno are have slowly crept into the subculture. As such it is fantastic to see the "crossover" continue with Hospital Productions release of Juan Mendez's Silent Servant. Mendez has been involved with first class techno label which lends an

Silent Servant's ice cold production lends itself well to the darker and more occult side of Hospital Productions material and fan base. The sparse composition of "A Path Eternal" plays out like some subtle and creeping soundtrack to the dystopian film near you, or rather the incantation used to raise the dead.

Silent Servant's album Negative Fascination is available now via Hospital Productions.