holus-Bolus - The Earth for My Father | Track Feature

Here we are again. Finding ourselves face to face with the history of jazz music in the 21st century. It is an inexhaustible struggle between man & tradition. One half of the party is content to ride the rippling remains of a once great wave while the other is in a constant battle to learn how to destroy it. holus-Bolus is not a jazz group though and if they are then they fit snuggly into the second category previously mentioned. This is some seriously composed music one that requires strong musicians to complete but also falls apart into pure abandon in ways that only jazz-informed musicians really seem to know how.

"The Earth for My Father" is a turbulent affair that eases into its own existence, its own skin if you will. Slowly but surely saxophones and a clarinet begin to spin and swirl in background before the whole compositions itself turns into a tumbling cacophony of chattering woodwinds. It is not before long though that they reach their dizzying peaks and guitars chords and clattering drums precise as can be in their rambling nature. There is a lighthearted nature to the work which suites it well, making for a nice evening listen.

holus-Bolus's album Pine Barren is available now via Prom Night Records.