Dawn Fauna - Indian Summer Mosquito Shake | Track Feature

Dawn Fauna is a sweet breeze or descent into bliss. An easy ride through the New England brush by way of Laurel Canyon. The pieces are in place for some prime psychedelic folk-rock here. The group includes Anna Rochinski whose distinct voice and bits of nagging melodies may be familiar to some as being an integral part of like-minded jangle inflected songsmiths Quilt. It is an almost wispy sound akin to a eyes on a long expanse about to be undertaken or face to the breeze attitude.

Dawn Fauna's lone bandcamp track "Indian Summer Mosquito Shake" is an incense infused folk rock gem, which incorporates moments of the genre's great moments of years past and present. The guitars are jangling and some backwards organ moves begin to seep into the mix. The sound may not extend much further than what Rochinski normally attends to in Quilt, along with giving a clue into her role in that group, but why try and fix something that isn't broken?

Dawn Fauna's "Indian Summer Mosquito Shake" is available now via the group's Bandcamp.