Gap Dream - Generator | Track Feature

Sometimes a good tune can travel a long way. The fall is coming on but Gap Dream's "Generator" is keeping me warm. Something of a bubble gum biker tune if you will. The track's guitars never seem to keep still, squirming, and dancing their way to the finish. Think of Gap Dream as an alternative of what would happened if after Spacemen 3 dissolved Sonic Boom felt the calling of the warm west coast breeze and left to go fill his lungs with some medicinal smoke. 

Fulvimar's harmonies smoothly swirl by in a similar manner as like-minded psych-poppers Woods have in recent years. You could peg Gap Dream as part of the never ending mining of 1960's west coast psychedelia and concise almost teeny bopper style pop. The guitar jangle is just right and the organ keeps the textured pulse moving. You can even almost tell that Gap Dream has a photographic memory of each and every melody the Beach Boys ever created. But that would be unkind as this is no revivalist retro one-offs, rather an update on classic motifs. 

Gap Dream's track "Generator" will be available via Suicide Squeeze this September 25th.