OLD GRAY MULE - A Day In Mississippi, A Night In Texas

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"I pledge allegiance to the Groove, the whole Groove and nothing but the Groove, so help me R.L., T-Model, and Junior. Amen." - Old Gray Mule guitarist C.R. Humphrey

That other little ol' band from Texas, Old Gray Mule has whipped up a sweet new disc of odds, sods, seeds and dirty ends for their trip down under this month.  

Comprised of ten tracks, including live recordings from their annual Junior Kimbrough Birthday Party, and four tracks with Mississippi's legendary Bill Abel, who has played guitar for Paul Wine Jones, Big George Brock, T-Model Ford, and others. 

This tough lil' set will be available stateside at OGM gigs or you can give Charlie a holler when they get back home. You can also send yr digits to OZ and get the good folks at  Stobie Sound to send you a copy. 
Physical only. 
No Downloads. 
As it oughta be. 

Old Gray Mule just straight get it

They feel the humid North Mississippi vibe, shake it and push it thru their own hand-hammered and home-made south central Texas sieve, leaving in the gravel, grit, and groove. What else do y'all need?