C.W. AYON - Music Of The Delta Played From The Desert

New Mexico's C.W. Ayon is a One-Man Band who is AKA the drummer for that Texas outfit Old Gray Mule.

He's got a great new album out called Ain't No Use In Moving. Ayon is a fine songwriter with a soulful voice that recalls the Black Crowes Chris Robinson, and a slide style that'd make any North Mississippi Mama proud. All the songs on the album are original except for a cool take on Junior Kimbrough's Feel So Bad.

He has a groove on bass drum and foot-operated snare so deep that it almost falls out of the pocket, yet at times is akin to a heartbeat. He doesn't let the fact that he's a one-man band particularly show or get in the way, and he shouldn't. He runs a great balance of solid, muscular riffs with a sexy, vigorous, and dextrous delivery. 

Somebody needs to pony up and get this kid a smart, sympathetic, recording engineer for his next album and let him run bad and nationwide. Dude's capable. Let's move.

C.W. gave me permission to post one song from each album but i'm posting two because y'all need to know.

C.W. Ayon - Ain't No Use In Moving - Walkin'- mp3
C.W. Ayon - Ain't No Use In Moving - You Make Me Feel Good - mp3
C.W. Ayon - Is What It Is - Things You Do - mp3
C.W. Ayon - Is What It Is - Call My Name - mp3
C.W. Ayon - Gone - Women - mp3
C.W. Ayon - Gone - Moan Song - mp3