Jovontaes - Falcon

So I thought this post was going to be a way late, but as fate has had it Jovontaes saw their debut LP Things Are Different Here released yesterday. If the video for lead track "Falcon" (above) offers anything it's a nice glimpse into these dudes sun soaked world of the super laid back atmospheres and equally chilled jams. The press release and video (the dudes are pretty much cruising around town the whole time) make use of the group's skateboard culture ties and for good reason. I'm pretty sure this track would fit on (that is if it hasn't been already) any skate video. Mix together a propulsive kraut groove, a nicely rolled smoke, & some skate rats and you have Jovontaes. Try it it's pretty much as fun as it sounds.

Things Are Different Here was released yesterday via new(ish) Woodsist subsidiary Hello Sunshine.