Big Snow Buffalo Lodge - New Brooklyn Venue Space

Wow maybe we're a little late on this one, maybe just in the nick of time, but tonight Oct. 27th Big Snow Buffalo Lodge will be opening their doors to public for the first time. It's name aside (I'm told it's a Harry Nilson reference), the space has some exciting plans for the future.

Located on the edge of the Williamsburg/Bushwick neighborhoods at 89 Varet St. the space serves dual function of live music venue & recording studio, a multi-utility use that similar spaces have used such as Shea Stadium (not surprising as Big Snow is run by members of the Shea team). Combining DIY aesthetics with a voracious attitude towards booking performances the space already has some quality upcoming shows shows in the near future. This includes tonight's show that will feature performances by Pigeons, Lost Boy, The So So Glos, & Dustin Wong which showcases a nice batch of eclectic performances to kickstart the venue & weekend.

A full list of Big Snow Buffalo Lodge's future shows is listed at the spaces' tumblr here