MV & EE - April Flower Tour Boxset

MV & EE have announced the release of their newest boxset the April Flower Tour. For those not familiar with the duo's penchant for live tour anthologies (such as the No Floor Tour or Road Trips) this is an event that is usually immediately exciting or at the least a curious venture. This one is released in a more personal homegrown fashion, being released on the duo's imprint Heroine. To get all biases out in the open, two of the eight discs contained in this release were organized by Last Nights, though to these eyes that just makes the release all th sweeter.

Clip of MV / EE / Flower at Death by Audio disc 5 on April Flower Tour

The April Flower Tour box contains jams that see Matt & Erika joined by some rad folks during their time on the road. First and foremost the addition of Mick Flower (of UK underground legends Vibracathedral Orchestra and his own solo material) and transformation into a trio sees the group able to open up and improvise within the compositions. This form of improv is no small deed coming from these folks as each have spent their careers exploring such avenues. Some shows also see the contributions from Woods main man Jeremy Earl, underground's favorite avant-percussion darling Chris Corsano, and two usual suspects to the MV & EE scene Harmonica Dan & Willie Lane.

Clip of MV / EE / Flower at SUNY Purchase disc 4 on April Flower Tour

April Flower Tour is available now straight from the source from Matt & Erika's Heroine imprint now. Also be sure to check out the Last Nights hosted MV & EE show Monday November, 21st in Brooklyn, NY at Death By Audio with Images. It's sure to be one for "the tapers pit".