Eric Copeland - Flushing Meats| Track Feature

Eric Copeland is back with yet another solid 7" mind melter. The phase shifting, beat infused, audio trickery is still in full swing here, little surprise there. Copeland has built his entire solo career slowly advancing his unique blend of ADD riddled and THC infused music to new heights. His recent string of 7" singles has  given ground to him being a true connoisseur and purveyor of some the most experimental and accessible music out there today.

"Flushing Meats" reflects past efforts, most notably Alien in A Garbage Dump from 2009, while not necessarily retreading any ground. A tapestry of sound and intertwining rhythmic elements keep some forward momentum while never revealing in what direction anything is actually going in. The B side of "Gutterhouse" continues the perfect audio remedy for those looking to turn their reality into a oozing sugar sweet syrup mess. This is beyond noise, this is beyond crazy beats, settling on a new alien terrain. Copeland may be out of the garbage dump but he is still holding onto the key ideas that were fermented there in the first place.

Eric Copeland's "Flushing Meats" 7" is available now via Calico Corp.