Herbcraft - Flowering | Album Feature

Herbcraft are presenting some next level stuff right here. The action is in full bloom, minds are racing at a snails pace, and smoke is filling the room. It's a journey to the center of your third kind of trip and one to be taken seriously as Herbcraft has already settled into some serious psychedelic adventures with two LP's on Woodsist offshoot Hello Sunshine already under their belt. Maybe the group's name gave all of that away already though...

"California Poppy" and "Journey To The Center Of Your Hive" go far in demonstrating what's really going on here. In each track one can only imagine the lights were dimmed almost immediately letting incense guide whoever was present through their surroundings as the vibe sets in. Spiritual in nature, psychedelic in execution, it's hard not to relax and let the world wither away before all the smoke settles bringing you back into reality. A heavy trip indeed.

Herbcraft's Flowering is available now via Julia Dream Recordings.