TRUE DELTA - A Cinematic Snapshot of the Clarkesdale Blues Scene Today Needs Your Help via Kickstarter!

True Delta co-director Daniel Cowen (founder of City University Film Festival) requested that I help spread the word about his new documentary and i'm happy to do so. The more we support efforts like this the better chance the music has to survive. In True Delta, Cowen and his partners concentrate on the delta music scene as it is today, and how it intertwines with "the religious, economic, and cultural life of the Delta region." 

The film features Mr. Johnny Bilington, who's Blues To Schools program works to get a guitar in school kids hands before a crack dealer puts a pipe in it. I once helped with presenting a Blues to Schools program to Gainesville, FL school kids at the UF Art Gallery, which included jamming with Mr. Johnny for five hours non-stop. Also appearing are Super Chikan, Jimbo Mathus, the late Big Jack Johnson, and many more. Sharde Thomas  makes an appearance and leaves no doubt that she is carrying on her grandfather Othar Turner's  fife and drum tradition. 
This is a worthy project and the premiums are low so most anyone can afford to help and still get something cool in return. You can find out more about True Delta by clicking right HERE.