Led Er Est - Turritopsis Blues | Video Feature

Led Er Est are back bringing with them a bit of icy detachment for this unusually warm spring. The group have announced a new full-length titled The Diver & releasing a limited single which is the soundtrack to the video above. I'm not sure much has necessarily changed since their last outing in 2009 but it's possible they gave the rest of the world time to catch up a little.

"Turritopsis Blues" is a largely instrumental affair which is full to the brim with mystery & occult vibes. At times feeling like the theme song to some long lost sci-fi classic. The accompanying video by House Plants brings an equally surreal & unusually cinematic vision to the plate. It is partly a contemplative look in urban life as it is death. The main protagonists working through partly choreographed movements that manipulate time and physics in their occult like symbology. All the while shot in clear stark takes the weave in & out of each other dancing to the music.

With their lead track "Kaiyo Maru" from The Diver Led Er Est are back where they left off on the previous LP Dust On Common (released on Wierd records). They're not leading us in a new direction here but they have refined it. They have their figure on the pulse though & did with this type of thing before a lot of other seemed to have jumped on board.

Led Er Est's Turritopsis Blues is available now on a fancy single sided 12" w/ silkscreened b-sde on Monofonus Press & their full-length will be available via Sacred Bones this May 8th.