JUNiOR KiMBROUGH VS The Grassy Knoll

I posted these tracks over a year ago. Then some coward er...um..uh...concerned citizen contacted Blogspot and requested a DMCA takedown instead of just sending me an email requesting a takedown.
I recently received a a nice message from Bob Green of Grassy Knoll , the subtle genius who remixed the tracks. Bob assured me that he was not the one who requested the takedown and has given me permission to repost them: 

"Rick, I have no problem or would I ever have a problem with you posting anything that I do. I'm flattered that you liked these tracks. Not sure who sent you any negative feedback with this posting but rest assured it wasn't me. Thanks for posting! By Nolan Green on JUNiOR KiMBROUGH via The Grassy Knoll on 4/16/12"

If you believe you own the rights to these remixes you are welcome to contact me about them. Meanwhile, grab 'em quick kids, before somebody has a hissy and requests another take down.

The Grassy Knoll was invited by Fat Possum Records boss Matthew Johnson to remix the late, great, Junior Kimbrough. Here are the results:

The Grassy Knoll Vs Junior Kimbrough - Done Got Old- MP3
The Grassy Knoll Vs Junior Kimbrough - Lonesome Road - MP3