Hiro Kone - Fever | Video Feature

What can I say, Hiro Kone mixes a lot of classic elements from kosmiche to bedroom synth wanderings as elegantly as just about anyone around. Combine this with some other worldly & striking visual accompaniment (created by Anna Gustav) and you have the harmonious pairing that haev resulted in this video for "Fever" by Hiro Kone featured on a 12" released with Perfect Wave Magazine #002.  

Actually I suppose accompaniment isn't the right word for what Gustav has created. Rather the pairing of the two work towards propelling each other in new directions. Just as I am settling down with the instrumental groove that has been set in place enters some detached vocals who let the synths express the meaning of what Nicki Mao (aka Hiro Kone) is saying.  An icy cool that will help this increasingly hot spring.

Hiro Kone's track "Fever is available now on Perfect Wave #002.