Sore Eros - Sickies: Volume One | Featured Album

There is just something about the way Sore Eros are able to hold songs together by such delicate strings that is somewhat awe inspiring. At any given moment tracks such as "Comet Inside" sound as if they are on the verge of falling apart into blissful shambles. Yet they never do, in fact it is this constant interplay of the fully formed & manufactured pop song & the very real & messy mode of human creation that keeps the listener on their toes.

Theoretically speaking I see Sore Eros pop song-craft as a critique of the current mainstream pop world. A vast landscape full of electronically precise rhythms & melodies, thanks a lot sequencers & autotune, void of any traces of the passionate & spontaneous moments of creation leading to the final... uh... product. In this sense their intimate moments of revelation, possibly for both the listener & performers, provide an outline of how to continuously strive toward moments of artistic realizations & purity.

Sore Eros Sickies: Volume One is available now digitally from the band & on cassette via Night-People. The group are also playing in Brooklyn this Thursday March 1st at the Last Nights Presents: 2 night Images residency at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge as part of the first night with Street Gnar & Hume. For more information check out the Facebook Event Page or our upcoming show schedule.