Key of Shame - Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus

Possibly needing a little introduction, Key of Shame is the project of Mark Morgan (from noise-rock luminaries Sightings) & Pat Murano (i.e. Decimus & of No Neck Blues Band). The duo explorations into the nether regions of noise come to full fruition here unrestrained by the larger group setting each normally inhabit.

It may even be possible that noise isn't the prime word choice for this work. The extremes in volume and grating frequencies are somewhat absent while listening to Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus. Instead there is more of focused intent to mine the grey matter of sound with a buzzing, hissing, & all together dilapidated sonic trajectory which underneath all the grime sounds like a horror film soundtrack attempting to be plugged into the movie. Those who have followed Murano's Decimus moniker in the recent past will have an idea of what's in store for them here.

Key of Shame's Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus will be available via Italy's Holiday Records. For those in New York Key of Shame will be playing Feb. 18th at Death By Audio with Magik Markers, Colour Bük, & Michael R. Bernstein (of Religious Knives & Double Leopards) as part of a Last Nights curated event.