Hume - Phasing

At times I find the task of writing some of these features. There are moments when I feel it's impossible not to make direct references points to other artists who have come to define certain sounds or even general vibes, sometimes this bums me out because it seems unjust to whatever the music & musician(s) I'm actually talking about...

Anyway in this post Animal Collective / internet based landscape Hume & the track "Phasing", from an upcoming 12", sure have a finely honed sound. A nice blend of subtle electronic flourishes, percussive interplay between seemingly all parties, & some blissed out vocal deliveries. In my mind & ears this seems to move into a more singular sound than many artists working with similar tools. Something just mellow enough to be head bobbing rather than body shaking & too thoughtfully placed to be a stoned misadventure.

Hume's track "Phasing" will be available on an upcoming 12" out this April. For those in the Brooklyn area Hume will be playing March 1st at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge as part of a Images/Last Nights curated two show residency.