Dylan Ettinger - Wintermute

Dylan Ettinger's "Wintermute" & it's accompanying video shoot for the moon with it's hybrid of cold-wave meets contemporary underground pop. Taking in some concrete compositional forms that bring Ettinger out of the instrumental synth haze he's been living in for the past couple years.

The sharp mix of synths, programmed drums, topped with some blurry & gloomy vocals fit in perfectly with the current strain of synth worshipers out there. Yet unlike some other more space-minded compatriots Ettinger doesn't shy away from places the vocals firmly in the front row. What's more is that "Wintermute" offers a seriousness lacking in the at times comical to-cool-for-school mentality that many of his Not Not Fun label mates seem to shoot for. Now if someone can tell me what the masked topless girl in the corner of this video symbolizing we'll be getting somewhere.

Dylan Ettinger's Lifetime of Romance will be available next month via Not Not Fun.