The History Of Rock & Roll

I'm taking a college course called The History Of Rock & Roll.  
It's a lot tougher class than you'd think.  But also a treat. I'll be reading seven books over the semester. The first down was Robert Palmer's Deep Blues

It's the only one of the bunch I'd read before, but it had been at least ten years since I last read it. I discovered I should read it more often.  Some of my fellow students had complaints about the book, but they were all history majors, I believe.  
Anyway, I had to write a review about the book. 

I got a C+. Which i'm actually quite happy with.
But it's been drawn to my attention that historical writing is not Creative Writing and I need to tighten up. As my Professor said (approximately), 'writing papers for history classe should be seen as writing with your Sunday best on'.   
So I need to tone down the whateverthehellwordsalads and such.  
If you are interested in reading my semi-occasionally-akward sentences and blah-de-blah 
about the book Deep Blues you can take the jump to your pal April Fecca's blog,  
Now This Sound Is Brave.

You can get the movie HERE   
You can get the book HERE.