HUSKY BURNETTE in Saint Augustine FL @ Ann O'Malley's 08.28.11

A couple weeks ago I had the honor and pleasure of sitting in on drums for Husky Burnette for two nights. Joining us for a few songs on Saturday night was Philip Westfal on Banjo Cello.  Philip works for Goldtone Banjos down the road a piece in Titusville, FL. Philip and his lovely wife Katie ( who shot the video for me) had seen Husky play in Orlando ( Philip was on the bill too, along with the one-man band, Lone Wolf ) and decided to come to Saint Arrrgustine for the weekend to hang and see the show. It was a fantastic weekend of music that left me happily drained. It was made even better by having some old friends in the crowd that I hadn't seen in ages. I need to play gigs like that more often. Thanks guys!