Amen Dunes - Live at Shea Stadium

In what seems to be a recurring theme on this site, brooklyn venue Shea Stadium has again offered up some recordings from Amen Dunes set at a previous Last Nights curated event. This time MV & EE, Amen Dunes, & Eleven Twenty-Nine all took the stage. It was a great night filled with truly awesome tunes. Eleven Twenty-Nine provided a twin guitar & drums assault of great technical dexterity, while MV & EE were on point in their own universe of sonic bliss. Amen Dunes had a particular scorcher of a set & his tune s Lower Mind, Baba Yaga, & Diane above really drive this point home, showing Amen Dunes at their best.

Be sure to check out Amen Dunes newest LP Through Donkey Jaw on Sacred Bones, out now.