Starving Weirdos - "In Our Way" video & Land Lines album


Amish records has announced the release of the next Starving Weirdos album titled Land Lines. The album sees the long running north west experimental group make some of their first forays into a more structured songwriting process. This is explained by Amish as a result of the album being a couple years in the making, though recordings were first initiated around September 2010. They go as far as to incorporate some haunting vocals as demonstrated in the lead album track "In Our Way."

The band created video for "In Our Way" takes on a quasi-religious status as a result of the slowed down some synced dance moves taken from what appears to be footage of contemporary african dance moves. Something that when combined with Starving Weirdos own almost horror film score leaves a creepy yet intriguing lasting impression on the viewer.

Starving Weirdos' Land Lines is available January 24th via Amish Records