Pinch & Shackleton

Possibly one of the first forays around here into the more electronic and techno end of the musical spectrum. Pinch & Shackleton have been at it for a while now each helping define a new era of bass music with their individual compositions. Looking back to the origins of dubstep it is easy to point towards Pinch's debut Underwater Dancehall & Shackleton's former label Skull Disco as some of the finest examples of the genre.

This self-titled collection, their first collaborative outing, sees the pair operating at the same level of quality which initially propelled them into the music public's eye. Shackleton's unique This is not to say that it is a neutral meeting ground between the two. Contrary to such a thought, the seemingly simple feet of combining the hallmark aesthetics of the two artists is a rather difficult feet that is achieved with grace.

Pinch & Shackleton is available now from Honest Jon's.