Ensemble Economique - "Everything I Have, I Give To You" video

ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - Everything I Have, I Give To You from kohnkepik

Ensemble Economique is the alias of busy North California stalwart Brian Pyle, who some may know as a member of recently mentioned Starving Weirdos. As Ensemble Economique he has been quite busy the past year or two in particular with releases on label's Not Not Fun and Amish to name a few. The sound of Pyle's solo compositions follows a similar trajection to his main project and others coming out of the north-west underground, such as Pete Swanson's recent solo work.

In "Everything I Have, I Give To You" and the accompanying artist made video the sound and vision of Ensemble Economique is laid bare; haunting rhythmic loops, hovering atmospheric synths, and a vintage horror film aesthetics are combined to great affect. The video is created by way of borrowed footage from Nicolas Roeg's 1973 film , making a rather perfect fit for the vibe present in the music itself.

Ensemble Economique's newest album Crossing The Path, By Torchlight is available now from Dekorder.