Thanks to all who came out to the Silk Flowers Record Release last Friday (2/4)! It was a great time. Happy so many people came out for the party and got to check out all the awesome bands. Shea Stadium, our gracious hosts for the evening, recently launched their own website ( and will hopefully be providing audio of each set in the near future.

...Anyway big thanks to Shea Stadium, Silk Flowers, Soft Circle, Mazing Vids, R.A.F. & all who came out!

On another note...

Some of you may have noticed the changes to the blog. I've decided it best to widen my focus a bit you could say. First of all I've merged my other blog with this one, creating a sole site for everything that myself & LSTN (Last Nights) are up. This includes the random ponderings and whatnot.

I've also been in the habit of booking & promoting more and more show as of late, rather than putting out an endless stream of recordings that few will buy. Still reserving the right for the occasional LSTN release but mainly everything will go the route of shows as far as promotion stuff goes. Hopefully more fun and useful!