It seems Peter Nolan's solo material as Spectre Folk is consistently understood as a side project in the public eye. After all it's hard to compete when your other band is thee Magik Markers. But maybe things will start to change a little in the near future as Nolan and company prepare for the release of the newest Spectre Folk 12" EP out on Woodsist March 29.

The Blackest Medicine, Vol II as it's called seems to take inspiration from the same pool of acidic stoned folk rock as the previous few Spectre Folk albums. This album sees Nolan joined by Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady) , & Aaron Mullen (Tall Firs).

Any doubts of the music coming second to such a star studded line up are put to rest by the end the title track The Blackest Medicine. Resembling moments of like minded musicians such as MV & EE, as well as the label's figure heads Woods. But then again Peter has been doing this for some time, before his time with Magik Markers, as Elisa Ambrogio points out in her insightful take on the release.

Peter Nolan is currently touring with Sic Alps, playing in Magik Markers. You can find the dates here.

And if you can check out the previous Spectre Folk release Compass Blanket Lantern Mojo on Nolan's own Arbitrary Signs label.