NYC based group Psychic Ills have been pushing some boundaries with their blend of art/psych rock and electronics for a few years now. As such their addition into RVNG's FRKWYS 12" catalogue isn't too surprising. But when you consider that people like Detroit Techno pioneer Juan Atkins decided to jump on board and provide a remix of their 2009 track Mantis things get pretty exciting.

The release also boasts remix's by Gibby Hanes (Butthole Surfers) & Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust). Yes, it's definitely rad that they were able to get these guys but their tracks left little to the imagination especially when compared with the source material. As such Atkins' track manages to outshine the rest due to both a thoughtful approach in wedding the sounds of Detroit Techno with the Ills unique blend of electronics & psych rock. Turning the meditative track Mantis into a... well, meditative 4 on the floor classic.

More info on this release and other RVNG releases check their site here.