Kickstarter:: THE HALLELUJAH BUMS on Vinyl

Here's a cool Kickstarter that Mike Powers of Yellow Dog Records turned me on to. It's a collection of songs from Alan Lomax's "American Ballads & Folk Songs" Book. Recorded in Mississippi by Mississippi musicians. Musicians like Ted Gainey, Justin Showah of Jimbo Mathus' Band and Hill Country Records, also featuring, "Chalmers Davis from Little Richard's band, Carl Massengale from the Revelators and the Holy Rollers, Robert Chaffe from Kudzu Kings, Max Williams from George McConnell & the Nonchalants to pick a little guitar and slide, and Jeff Callaway from Oxford's music scene to blow his horns."

 "A southern patchwork of hobo hymns, worldly reels, and badmen breakdowns, this record sounds best riding backroads during the gloam with cold tallboys in tow." Justin says, "I tried to conjure the spirit of a different Mississippi hero for each song, such as Rose Hemphill on "Bullyin Well", friend Ed Dye on "Shortenin Bread" & "Liza Jane", Jim Dickinson on "Casey Jones," Othar Turner on "John Henry," and True Loving Five on "Tone Them Bells."

I like that the rewards (there are only four of them) on this one are simple: Twenty bucks gets you the record and a digital download. Up from that you can get white vinyl and a couple other cool options. If you know the names involved you know this'll be some real good stuff. Give 'em yr money!