This is an update of sorts on a previous Last Nights post. We first mentioned Diva back in April after being turned onto her tunes by Leyna Noel (aka Psychic Reality) & have been listening ever since. Luckily the label Critical Heights has stepped in to give Diva's debut The Glitter End. The album has become a Last Nights favorite since it was 1st played on the speakers a couple months back. & is perfect for some hot summer nights. One of the standout tracks from the album Glow Worm, video above, perfectly showcases Diva's bubbly pop side. You should really check it out.

Speaking of bubbly pop songs for those in the Brooklyn area this weekend you should definitely make it out to Shea Stadium Saturday, July 2nd for Sore Eros, Psychic Reality, Octo Octa, & special guest DJ Jonas Reinhardt! The show is all ages & is $7, with cheap drinks for the 21 & ups. Check more details here & here.