Anika - No One's There from Mintonfilm.

Anika may be on her way to becoming a household name ala Nico who she seems to be often liken to. In the world of music criticism & the like many bands are often unfairly or undeservedly pigeoned holed by such comparisons. In this case though the similarities add up. Her deep germanic voice, though maybe more overtly feminine than the cultural icons, striking in its uniqueness & beauty. A voice which after listening to a track such as "No One's There" leaves few other points of reference.

Anika - Yang Yang from Mintonfilm.

Anika has already released her debut S/T album via Invada in the EU & Stones Throw in the US & Japan. The album was recorded with Geoff Barrow & his group Beak> in a 12 day stint. The melding of Anika & the group result in an incredibly catchy sound that is showcased in "No One's There" & the previous Anika single "Ying Yang". We can only look forward to hearing more Anika, as she forges ahead maybe not straight into Nico's shoes but hopefully somewhere that she may continue developing her sound waiting for the next bass throb.