THE SLY FOX ~ Sinner's Dream

Eugene Fox was a sax man with Ike Turner.  He just wanted to play sax behind Ike.  Mr. Fox was not interested in a recording career, but in 1954 Ike had other ideas, "It was something I didn't want to do anyway. It was something Ike wanted to do. I knew I wasn't a singer, and I could just play the horn the way the man wanted me to play, you see. But I wasn't no singer. It was Ike's idea. He thought, because I had a gravel voice, it'd be better if I did it. I never sang, I don't sing."  

Mr. Fox, as The Sly Fox, recorded four weird tracks accompanied by Ike on guitar, before returning to Clarksdale, MS to attend college. Fox graduated in 1956 and took a teaching position with the Clarksdale school system. He continued to play casually until 1962 when he laid his horn down for the last time. He retired as a school principal and passed away in 2000. In an interview for Uncle Marv's R&B Notebook, Fox sums up his brief musical career, "That's all it is about my little musical experience, you know. I enjoyed playing with the fellows and I enjoyed the hours. But it was exciting, though. An adventure, I'll tell you that."

Sinner's Dream - mp3
Hoo-Doo Say - mp3
I'm Tired Of Beggin' - mp3
The Dream (alt take of Sinner's Dream) - mp3