La Big Vic have been on our radar here for a little while now, but it hasn't been until the group unveiled their 1st full-length, Actually, that they have seemed to really hit their stride. The track above "Mr. Broken Bird" seems to epitomize this. The tune combines the layers of synth textures and keyboard lines drifting in and out of the mix. In the end everything is held together by the motorik drumbeat and singer Emilie Friedlander's (founder of the always excellent Visitation Rites) airy vocals wrapping everything in a cozy tight package. A definite "hit" if I ever heard one that calls to mind elements of classic new wave pop and more experimental strains of kosmische musik.

None of that is too surprising when looking at the credentials the band holds. According to Underwater Peoples (who released Actually) the group's guitarist, Toshio Masuda, "performed in a major label J-Pop band, produced hip hop songs, as well as some commercials and soundtracks before coming to the US. While 3rd member Peter Pearson, dubbed as "the group's synthesist", is an apprentice to Pink Floyd's live sound producer. When one combines Emilie Friedlander (founder of the always excellent Visitation Rights) to the group then you understand where La Big Vic are coming from. Definitely a group to look out for in the future!