Excepter have reissued, if that's even the right word, a collection of classic tracks from the band titled OD. The album is composed of "early versions" of tracks that appeared on the albums Throne & Alternation (a Last Nights favorite) & has been released today (4/1/11).

The lengthiest track in the collection Heart Beat / Rock Stepper showcases some classic Excepter moves. During Heart Beat synths soar throughout the mix, weaving undecipherable vocal snippets throughout. That is until a loose rendition of Rock Stepper begins to make its way around the 11 minute mark. Offering some considerably different lyric content & vocal arrangements. That is exactly what you can expect from OD though, a great glimpse into the always diverse nature of Excepter.

It's very good indeed to hear some positive news for this band after the untimely passing of member Clare Amory. Hopefully time will allow the group to return to live performances in the future. A digital version of the release can be found on the group's Bandcamp site & is released through Excepter Records.