Is Chad Nordhoff the new Jerry Reed?
Maybe not be he's awful damn close.   Which may mean nothing to you but stands for all around quality in my book.  Like Reed, Nordhoff is as strong a songwriter ( seven of the ten tracks on Good Work, If You Can Get It are self-penned ) as he is a picker.  Nordhoff plays and sings with the ease, strength  and confidence that set Reed's work apart.  Country blues seems to be kind of a dying art these days but don't tell Chad.  Nordhoff personifies what I hear in my mind when I think of a classic Memphis sound, his adopted home. Part  Blues, part Country, a breath of the gospel, and a soulful hunka burnin' Elvis with a dangerous sense of humor that'll cut you if do him wrong.  Chad Nordhoff is a natural and potent performer and it takes his kind of seemingly effortless talent to make you forget his covers of Haggard's Workin' Man Blues and Muddy Water's Just Can't Be Satisfied are in fact coversRecorded and mixed at Sun Studios in one four hour go 'round, Good Work If You Can Get It represents a man confident in his skills and comfortable in his delivery, and able to throw it down.  
I'd betcha ol'Jerry Reed would say "Show 'em, son!" 

Mr. Nordhoff is kind enough to let you steal these three unreleased tracks from his Sun Records sessions. 
Least you can do is friend him and say Thanks like yr mama taught you.
Chad sez these tracks are:

"Howlin' for my Darlin'" - Willie Dixon mp3
"Train Fare Blues" - Muddy (sort of) mp3
"Walkin' Blues" - Robert Johnson perhaps mp3

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