Black Past - Pitch Black | Album Feature

Upon my first listen to the lead track off of Black Past's debut album Pitch Black I knew that I needed to get ready for a scenic adventure down the motorik highways of the mind. The album harkens back to the classics of this sound from around the world (Can, Neu!, Hawkwind, Tony Conrad and Faust et al.). It could be because I know better or just possibly that there is something inherently embedded in the music but the solo project of Gregory Boyd has a distinct american feel that's hard to shake. 

It's really no surprise that the album's alternative title is A Soundtrack For A Deranged Motorcyclist. 
The groove sets in immediately after the needle drops and doesn't let up. The non-stop action is well summed up with tracks "Girls" & "EG&S (Mood Ring)" which blends the minimal experimentations of the music's fore-bears with an updated twist of synth's and hooks. The analogy of the open road comes quite freely in association to what Boyd is creating here. It's driving music, it's psychedelic in the music's subtlety, it's mind and body music to the fullest bringing that metaphor of the open road full circle into something more slightly more meaningful. 

Black Past's album Pitch Black is available now and is the debut release via Dangerous Age Records.